Keraterm Mask 300ml


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Keraterm Anti-Frizz Disciplining Mask disentangles, nourishes and hydrates hair. It effectively combats frizz, static electricity and humidity. It leaves hair smooth, silky and shiny without weighing it down. Ideal for straightened and chemically treated hair.

pH: 4,2 – 4,7

Fragrance: Pacific


  • Disentangles, nourishes and hydrates hair
  • Effectively combats frizz, static electricity and humidity
  • Leaves hair smooth, silky and shiny without weighing it down
  • Ideal for perfecting and maintaining straight styles obtained both through chemical treatments and hot styling tools.
Use: after shampooing, apply evenly over the hair and comb through the lengths and ends of towel-dried hair. Apply a cap and leave on for 3-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.



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Keraterm is the new professional program to discipline frizzy hair, enriched with Keratin, Karitè Butter and Macadamia Oil, designed to perfect and maintain the straight look obtained both with chemical treatments and with hot styling tools. The delicate, balanced formula nourishes, hydrates and protects the hair for a perfectly straight finish with a progressive, lasting result.

The problem many women have is how to handle frizzy, rebellious, undisciplined hair.

They tend to use too many aggressive chemical treatments and persistently use brushes, hairdryers and straighteners. In these conditions of excessive chemical, mechanical and thermal stress, the outside layer of the hair fibre loses its natural elasticity and softness, the keratin structure of the hair suffers and becomes fragile, can break, becomes brittle and split ends form.

Innovative thermo-active technology used with heat, activated with heat, protects from heat and makes Keraterm a true “friend” of straighteners and hairdryers, because it;
• Makes hair easier and quicker to blow dry and style (reducing mechanical stress)
• Reduces straightening time (making the hair healthier by reducing thermal stress)
• Combats humidity, frizz and static electricity
• Leaves hair soft and shiny.

The results will leave hair silky and disciplined, soft and full of body, frizz-free and easier to handle and style. After a few applications with the straightener, a brush and hairdryer is all that’s required for excellent management and maintenance of perfectly straight hair.


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